Track anything with iota.

The world’s smallest GPS tracking device with a rechargeable battery and incredible range. All with no monthly fees.

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The smallest GPS tracker in the world

This is iota. The smallest, longest-lasting GPS tracker in the world. But it does way more and all on a new nationwide network with no monthly fees.

Learn how it works

The little device that does it all.

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  • GPS Tracking

    Track your iota in real-time and use
    the map to get directions

  • Geofence Alerts

    Set up a virtual fence and receive alerts
    when your iota enters or leaves a
    designated area

  • Motion Sensor

    Receive an alert whenever your iota
    moves or is tampered with (eg. bike theft,
    door alarm)

  • Temperature Sensor

    Receive alerts when your iota
    is above or below a set temperature

  • Audio Alarm

    Use the audio alarm to quickly locate your iota or alert you of a specific event

  • Universal Button

    Press the button on your iota to send an alert or email to a designated contact

  • Long-lasting Battery

    The battery lasts weeks before needing a recharge

  • Waterproof

    Each iota is weatherproof and submersible up to 3 feet

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child tracker kids gps gps tracker for kids what matters most

Keep track of what matters

Each year 10 million pets, 500,000 children, 700,000 cars and 200,000 bikes go missing. With iota GPS Tracker, track your loved ones and valuables to make sure you never lose sight of what’s important.

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The crowd-sourced network that keeps growing

Each home base is equipped with our special long-range tracking device radio technology
that is used to communicate with the iota from 1 - 4 miles away.

More about network coverage
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Everything you need to start GPS tracking

Every iota starter kit comes with the iota GPS tracking device(s), a home base with power cable, the iota GPS tracker charging dock and USB cable, a versatile attachment accessory, and an adhesive.

track my keys

"Using iota will give me complete peace of mind with my baby girl Pixie. I can’t wait to try out the geofence feature."

– Carol Ann, NY

gps trackers for kids

"Tested out a new iota this week! I was able to keep tabs on my bike while at work and love that extra sense of security in a big city."

– Chris, IL

find a pet dog or cat
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