Join the iota network

A really cool thing happens when you set up a Home Base. You contribute to the nationwide network in a big way because you add up to 50 square miles of coverage around your home.

Since every iota can securely communicate with any base station in its 1-4 mile range, this ground breaking radio technology makes it possible for just a few people to bring coverage to an entire city!

Discover how big the coverage is in your city

Plug in your zip code or city and state to find out how many iota base stations are around you.

How we're different

Other tracking solutions on the market are too big, too unreliable, and way too expensive. Here at iota, we believe that you shouldn’t have to pay monthly fees or compromise range when it comes to the safety of what matters most.

    • Bluetooth Trackers
    • Size Small
    • Fees None
    • Battery Life Up to 1 year (most not rechargable)
    • GPS No
    • Tracking Coverage Up to 150 feet from smartphone
    • iota GPS Trackers
    • Size Small
    • Fees None
    • Battery Life Averages 2 weeks to 3 months
      (depending on distance from home base)
    • GPS Yes
    • Tracking Coverage Crowd sourced nationwide network
    • Buy Now
    • Cellular Trackers
    • Size Large
    • Fees Monthly Fees
    • Battery Life Days
    • GPS Yes
    • Tracking Coverage Cellular Network

Own one?

Use the #myiota hashtag across social media services.